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Outlaws Oasis is a comfy skin treatment center and Spa that provides our customers with the best skincare treatments and regimens. Our treatments method gives your skin a radiant glow and ensures that your body is healthy, smooth, and refreshed. 


Outlaws Oasis is a professional and licensed esthetician from Washington DC. She earned her certification from the Salon Professional Academy and is currently working on completing her Masters of esthetics. She is a specialist in skin treatment and condition, facial treatments, and other effective treatments required for different parts of the body.


We provide different services that range from basic facial and skincare to more clinical treatments. We help deal with different skin types, whether it is Acne, dry, oily, sensitive, or a combination of any of these.


We operate a spa that ensures that customers get the best skin care treatment using organic products and the combined benefits of enzymes and other nontoxic products that will surely provide our customers noticeable results. 


At Outlaws Oasis, we customize a skincare program and home care regimen that suits any skin type.

Our Goal and Mission

Our goal is to guide you through your personalized skincare options and treatments to successfully create a regimen catered to you that will guarantee healthy skin and build self-confidence as well as providing you with the best customer service experience.

Our vision

To become customers’ natural first choice when choosing a place for professional skincare treatment. Providing the best spa experience that brings out your astonishing inner beauty and confidence while making your skin dazzle.

Why Choose us
  • We provide professional skincare treatment using organic products that won’t cause any harm to your skin.


  • We provide professional services and a top-notch spa experience that will leave our customers feeling positive after visiting.


  • Our treatment regimen is specific to your skin type, and we don’t use a generic treatment that may not give your skin the desired result. 

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